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GermBlock™ Shields can be washed down frequently with hot water, cleaning solutions and high-pressure sprays. Use a porous cloth or sponge for best results.


sBioMed, LLC Steriplex SD
Safetec of America Safetec surface wipes
CONTEC Healthcare Peridox RTU
CONTEC Healthcare Prosat sterile wipes PS-911EB
Generic Hydrogen peroxide 3%-5%
Generic Isopropyl alcohol 70%
Generic Warm dish washing soap solution


Procter & Gamble Clorox health care bleach germicidal cleaner
Unimed Corp Accel TB
Procter & Gamble Clorox broad spectrum quaternary disinfectant cleaner
Zep Inc ZEP 40
Zep Inc ZEP Spirit II
PDI Inc PDI Super Sani-Cloth
Reckitt Benckiser Lysol disinfectant spray brand III original
Fiberlock Technologies Inc Shockwave disinfectant
CONTEC Healthcare Preempt RTU multi-surface disinfectant cleaner
Procter & Gamble Clorox household bleach

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